20 Must Ask Questions to Qualify a Web development Company

People do not ask the most important questions.In 10 minutes, these 20 questions will help you to qualify the best web development company which fits for you.

you can ask them the following questions:

1.What is their hourly rate?
2.Do they have a starting price point for web design and development?
3.I have a budget of X, can you work with that?
4.What is a reasonable timeline for a website build?
5.Do they have a web design/development process? What does that look like?
6.Which of their team members will be working on your project and what are their qualifications?
7.Does the cost of the project match up with the agreed upon deliverable and hourly rates?
8.Is there a clear procedure for billing for extra features or work outside the project’s initial scope?
9.What types of clients have they worked with?
10.What kind of results have they delivered for those clients?
11.Do they have hard figures to prove their results?
12.Do they retain their clients and have ongoing working relationships with them?
13.Do they measure results in terms of bounce rate, traffic, conversions, and keyword rankings?Are their results published and verified by their clients?
14.Do they have the ability to provide comprehensive design, development, and marketing services that are up to industry standards?
15.Have they had experience with customized web projects that require intricate problem solving skills and advanced coding capabilities?
16.Who takes accountability for your project?How often will they send you updates and what is the communication process?Are they pro-active in leading a project or do they count on you, the client, to direct them?
17.Do you get the sense from talking to staff members that they are skilled, passionate and trustworthy? Simply put, do you get a good vibe?
18.Do they have the type of operation that you would entrust your business to?
19.Do their agreements stipulate that coding will be done according to industry standards, and that the work is customized for your needs?Do you own the work produced, and have access to it, or is there a licensing fee?
20.Do they plan your website in accordance with your business goals?

If you get proper answer for all the 20 queries, they can be the perfect fit for you.

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